Club Champions League (CCL) FAQ’s
What is the CCL?
The Club Champions League is a club centric league that provides an excellent environment for player development and showcasing its players.  It is the most developmentally sound and player centric league in our geographical area. 
CCL Clubs and Teams have continued to consistently outperform all others at a state, regional, and national level.  In the 2013/2014 season, CCL accounted for 6 teams to move on to National Championships, 5 Region I Championships, and 13 State Cup Championships.
Which teams will participate in the CCL?
U9 and U10 Boys and Girls: Red Team and White Team
U11 – U18 Boys and Girls: Red Team
Which teams will be participating in the CCL II?
U9 Boys: Blue Team and Black Team
U9 Girls: Blue Team
U10 Boys and Girls: Blue Team
U11 – U14 Boys and Girls: White Team
League will incrementally increase to two (2) divisions year by year – U15 (2016/17), U16 (2017/18)
How long is the CCL season?
The U9 to U14 age groups play two seasons – Fall (September through November); Spring (March through May)
Our U15 through U18 age groups will play their season from September to the end of March.
At the end of each season, an overall club champion is determined based on standings in each of the boys and girls age groups, U11 through U18.
Game location and times?
Unique to the CCL is the coordinated club-to-club traveling schedule. Each club’s entire contingent of teams (U11-U18, boys and girls) travels together to all away games. Start times are staggered allowing coaching directors and multiplayer families to watch several games.
How many games will teams play in a season?
There are typically 7-9 league games scheduled per season (Fall and Spring).  In addition, teams will participate in CCL Showcase events.
Guest players and roster movement in CCL?
Any age appropriate player within a CCL club may play in CCL league games on a team in the same club.
*Guest players from non-CCL clubs are not allowed.