LMVSC Training Protocol

Lee-Mount Vernon Sports Club (LMVSC) takes great pride in providing the best possible training environment for promoting player development.  The Club's training environment includes, lighted turf fields,  training equipment, licensed coaches, age appropriate curriculums, and a technical staff responsible for quality assurance. 

As the Club continues to assess areas for maximizing quality training, it was determined that aside from providing amenities, a training field use protocol should be established.  For this reason, the club created a Training Field Use protocol for practices.  

Training Field Use Protocol

In order to a provide a productive, safe, professional training environment for players, the following protocol has been established:  Only registered LMVSC Coaches and players are permitted to train (play) on  LMVSC allocated Fairfax County fields during scheduled training sessions.

This protocol does not permit parents, players’ siblings, and walk-ons, on LMVSC allocated fields while teams are training.  To include parents, player's siblings and walk-ons walking through fields.  Parents are asked to walk around the field if needing to reach the opposite side of the field.

We believe that this protocol will eliminate Coaches from being distracted while providing a safe, productive and professional training environment for our players

Why was the protocol created and adopted?

It is the clubs’ belief that training sessions are where development truly happens.  It is critical that coaches and players are completely focused during these sessions to make the most of every practice.   This means that any type of distraction will take away from a player's focus and ultimately hurt their overall development.

What can COACHES  do to help?

Coaches are not only responsible for creating quality training sessions and preparing game day strategies, coaches are ultimately responsible for team communications.  Coaches are asked to  communicate this protocol to parents and players.  Communicating and enforcing the Club's training field use protocol with all, will prevent distractions during training and ultimately help create a club Training Culture

What can PARENTS do to help?

In following the Training Field Use protocol by not walking onto or through a field during practice sessions, it will add to the productive and professional training environment for the players.  Making sure siblings are not entering the field during training sessions. 

What can PLAYERS do to help?

If your team is on deck for the next training session,  be sure to not enter the field until the team training before you  has left the field.  If warming up while waiting to train, warm up without a soccer ball.  This will prevent soccer balls from being accidently kicked into an active training session.

Sharing Fields

In addition to our own club protocol, we ask that coaches communicate with  parents and players the importance of respecting Park Authority, High School, and Club equipment.  We ask that players and player's siblings not climb on soccer goals.