The LMVSC Travel Soccer Program is a program for players looking to improve their soccer skills in a competitive environment. LMVSC offers numerous avenues for players to develop and showcase their talents.  Each team is coaches by a professional, licensed Coach and participate in the top Leagues in the area.  Teams will travel to play other clubs in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. The LMVSC Travel program was designed for players with a passion and love for the game. Playing Travel Soccer with LMVSC requires serious commitment from both the players and their families.  

If you have a question that has not been addressed, please contact Lula Bauer.

What are travel tryouts?
Travel Tryouts are for players that wish to play at the next level. LMVSC will post tryout information for the U-9 through U-19 Boys and Girls Travel Teams in the coming weeks. Please visit "TRAVEL TEAMS TRYOUTS" on the Travel Soccer page for teams holding tryouts in your child’s age and gender.   LMVSC has several teams in most age groups.  Boys and girls that are ready to play competitive soccer, want to learn new skills, are ready to make the necessary commitment to play travel soccer and are ready to be coached by a professional, licensed coaching staff will benefit from playing for LMVSC Travel Soccer.

How are the selections made?
LMVSC will hold tryouts towards the end of the Spring Season, typically the last two weeks of May. All players are evaluated by LMVSC Staff Coaches. Selected players are placed on teams based by their evaluation. Once the teams are formed, ALL players/parents will be contacted.
There can also be tryouts after the fall season depending on roster needs.  Most tryouts after the Spring tryouts season are conducted through the team’s trainging sessions.  Contacting the Coach would be the best way to schedule a training session.

What is involved in the "evaluation" process?
Players are evaluated for:
  1. Technical ability
  2. Understanding of the game
  3. Speed with and without the ball
  4. Attitude
  5. Work Ethic

Players will be evaluated in the above areas.  If selected will be placed on a team that best meets ecah player's developmental needs. 

Is my child guaranteed a spot on a team at tryouts?
No. There is never a guarantee. Current club players are not guaranteed a spot although every effort will be made to place them on a team. Current players have the benefit of their coaches knowing them. It is apparent to coaches when a child is truly enjoying the travel experience. If a player does not care to participate and is only participating because their parents are insisting, it will show up in their work ethic. This player will probably not be invited. Parents might consider another year of recreational soccer.
How do I determine the right age group for my child?
With the new mandates handed down by US Soccer, teams will now be structured by Calendar year, and not school year as it has been in the past. Below is the Fall 2017 Soccer Season Age group chart.  In other words, they are the "rising" age groups.
U9 2009
U10 2008
U11 2007
U12 2006
U13 2005
U14 2004
U15 2003
U16 2002
U17 2001

How many teams will LMVSC be forming?
LMVSC teams participate in 5 Leagues throughout the seasonal year
  • Club Champions League (CCL) - Boys and Girls
  • Region I Champions League (RI CL) - Boys and Girls
  • the National Capital Area Soccer League (NCSL) - Boys
  • the Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL) - Boys and Girls
LMVSC will determine placement of each team in the appropriate league based on team skill level.  All of our top teams (Red) participate in the area’s top league, CCL. Ultimately, LMVSC would like to form three boys/girls teams in the U-9, U-10, U-11, U-12 age groups.

How many players can be selected for each team?
The following are the roster size that the Virginia State Association has mandated:
Age Group game format players on each team
Under 9 and Under 10 7 vs. 7 10 - 12
Under 11 and Under 12 9 vs. 9 12 - 14
Under 13 through Under 16 11 vs. 11 16 - 18
Under 17 through Under 19 11 vs. 11 16 - 22

Do I need to attend all tryout dates or just one?
While attending all tryout dates isn’t mandatory, it is highly recommended.  Attending all sessions will allow the coaching staff to better evaluate your child and ensure he/she is placed in the right team and environment to be able to develop fully.
How can I take advantage of the Sibling Discount?
For the 2017-2018 season, our club will be offering a 10% sibling discount to those families that are paying in full. In order to take advantage of this discount, you must register all of your children at the same time. Because some age groups will send offer letters before others, you will need to send an email to our club administrator, Jessie Gore,, stating that you wish to hold your child's spot on the team and must include: the age group, the team color, and the coaches name. The 10% discount will be applied to the second or third child's account. After you've received all of your children's offer letters and have sent an email to Jessie, you will receive a confirmation from the club stating that you may register all of your children.